'Community Supported Agriculture - Weekly Veg Bag Scheme'

What’s in a bag

All our veggies are produced by  Aimi and her ‘oompaloompas’ at Ringrone, Kinsale (with help from ‘Rusty’ the tractor of course!)

Each member will receive a share of the harvest from the garden each week (Also fortnightly options). We  provide veggies through Summer and Autumn  ( June-October) the exact number of weeks of the harvest period will be determined by the quality of growing season and weather during the year. Members can choose to collect a pre-packed bag from An Grainán health store, Kinsale or come to the farm on the Kinsale-Ballinspitle road where their veg will be laid out and ready to pack from the ‘green stall’.

Prices aim to compete favourably with Supermarket bought organic veg. Our members find that the storage quality, freshness and taste of our veg is far superior to shop bought ones. These are two major advantages for the consumer when buying direct from the source!

We aim to provide a standard size of bag. This standard bag size is outlined below, with examples throughout the season. However, at bountiful times of the season, or when we have a good crop we will be able to share this abundance with our members. Similarly, In some weeks, especially the very beginning and end of the season, there may be less to go around, this will all weigh itself out throughout the course of the season.

Our standard size bag of vegetables contains between 6-8 different types of vegetables. The contents of the bag will vary depending on the season. Below are three example bags from three different months:


  • spinach
  • carrots, 1 Bunch
  • Scallions, 1 Bunch
  • Peas, 250g
  • New Potatoes, 500g
  • cabbage


  • Carrots, bunch
  • courgettes 500g
  • Beetroot, bunch
  • cherry tomatoes 250g
  • Salad Bag, 200g
  • French beans, 250g
  • parsley, bunch


  • Swede turnip
  • Carrots, loose 1kg
  • Leeks, 500g
  • Onions 500g
  • Parsnip 800g
  • Kale 300g
  • Oriental salad bag 200g







Where possible we aim to vary the contents of the bag from week to week. Members can use our ‘swop box’ system and exchange any unwanted item for another of their choice.


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