'Community Supported Agriculture - Weekly Veg Bag Scheme'


Kinsale Green Growers started in 2009. A unique business, guided by a passion for local food and environmental enhancement, it provides 100% local and chemical free vegetables grown by Aimi Pinder on 2.5 acres  Ringrone, Kinsale.

The garden at Ringrone, overlooks the pil estuary to Sandy Cove. The land is farmed in an environmentally sustainable way, without the use of artificial chemicals and with lots of extra habitat planted for wild species and biodiversity. in the summer, not only is the garden brimming with vegetables of all varieties but it is host to all sorts of bugs, bees and creepy crawlies.

produce grown on the farm is marketed to the public in two ways during the harvest season June-October. You can buy veg in two ways, by dropping into our road side shop ‘the pink stall’ or for early birds by signing up to our CSA membership scheme in the spring and receive regular veggies fresh from the garden at a really great price!

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

CSA refers to a very special relationship between food producers and those they feed. It is a method of direct marketing in which a community of individuals pledge to support a farm/farmer. CSA aims to create mutual benefits for the producer and consumer. By cutting out the middle man the farmer can get a fair return for their efforts and the community can purchase high quality, fresh food at a good price. The farmer also benefits from receiving some payment in advance, thus supporting them the whole year round, and in spring when the work load and costs are high but no other source of income is present.

Advantages for the Consumer

  • Amazing flavour from fresh, naturally grown veggies
  • find new ways to cook around what’s in season
  • value for money
  • farm visits for all the family
  • kids more likely to enjoy the food once they’ve visited (as it’s their farm!)
  • peace of mind-get to know who produces your food, where and how

Advantages for the producer

  • Peace of mind – Year round income
  • Work load of recruiting new members etc. is concentrated in to low season time before the long days of hard work begin.
  • Know who’s eating your food, get lovely feed back from appreciative members


Aimi Pinder

Aimi is passionate about growing food! After attaining a degree in Social Anthropology from Sussex University in 2005 she started work as a market gardener on an organic farm in Cirencester, UK. With a thirst to learn more, she came to Kinsale to study at the Further education college and in 2010 completed the FETAC course in ‘Practical sustainability, Permaculture and Organics’. Aimi has been involved in Transition Town Kinsale (TTK) since she moved here, first co-running the town’s community garden and then being an active member of TTK’s food group that aims to promote local food and home growing as a major step towards environmental sustainability and blossoming local economies. One of Aimi’s favourite activities is finding funny shaped vegetables whilst harvesting!

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