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may the forth be with you! (04/05/11)

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we have been very very busy sunbathing these past few weeks! well that’s not strictly true but we have been enjoying the fantastic weather, even though we were hugely relieved to get some rain, it was needed! Generally crops are doing really well. Certain crops in the tunnels are absolutely flying. We have drip irrigation in there so we could keep them all well watered right through the dry spell. We now have the tunnels firmly closed up to try to keep the heat in as everything will have got used to having things lovely and warm. There are possibilities with certain sensitive plants that they could interpret the sudden drop of temperature to mean the end of the season and therefore start to produce seed heads instead of growing more. We hope this doesn’t happen but we will keep a close eye.

With so much dry weather to be working in we seemed to be on top of things at this stage. The wet period is not only helping the crops to grow though, the weeds will also have been given a helping hand. So as soon as the soil drys up we will have our hoes ready to start weeding the rows of veg.

The bulk of the sowing in the propergation tunnel is almost complete. 300 pots have been sown with various varieties of squash recently, the courgettes are up and it won’t be long before they can be planted too. In fact, the prop’ tunnel is bursting to the edges, with sweetcorn, tomatoes, celery, lettuce, cauliflower, herbs, and lots more.

check out our photos on flickr to see in more detail how things are coming along!

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  1. June 8, 2012 Guille

    Love the recipes. I have made seearvl with great results. I would like more tips on general storage for unusual items. I’ve followed most of the storage tips posted and found lettuce and greens have stayed very fresh for a week or more. However, I kept the spring onion with my other, mature onions and the inside rotted.